If you don’t currently have internet at home, here are some ways to get it:

Kanawha County Schools cannot provide you with internet service.  However, here are some things that you can try.
1.  Check with your cell phone company.  Many of them are offering hotspot service for free that you could connect your child’s iPad to and download work.

2.  You can see your child’s work from any smart phone.  The student can then complete the work on the iPad and then submit it when you can get to WiFi or take a picture of it with the phone and submit it from the phone.

3.  If you live in Suddenlinks area, they are offering free home internet for 60 days for students who are out of school. You can have a parent call this number.  888-633-0030. 

4.  If you can get to ANY KCS school near where you live, you can get wifi from outside the building.  You can download and screenshot your work and then complete it and upload it when you are able to get Internet again. 

I know this isn’t ideal but it will work considering the issues we are facing.