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Due to COVID-19, all schools in WV are closed until at least 4/20/2020. We miss our students and can’t wait to be back together!

Pratt Elementary

Jackie Hersch, Principal


Faith Bowyer, Secretary


PO Box 278

201 Pratt Avenue

Pratt, WV 25103

(304) 949-4838 (phone)

(304) 442-4541 (fax)

The Mission of Pratt Elementary is: 

Creating leaders of tomorrow. Today

The Vision of Pratt Elementary is: 




The Core Beliefs of Pratt Elementary are:

All students can learn.

Students who feel valued, work to achieve their goals.

Classroom management is an integral part of the instructional practice.

Parents are crucial partners in their children’s learning.

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It’s not too late! 

Pratt Elementary is trying to raise money for the Accelerated Reader program for our students.  You can help by paying $5 toward the cost and get your handprint on the wall of our school!  Send in your $5 as soon as possible!  The first round of handprints have gone up and they look great!  Be sure to leave your mark!

Pratt Elementary School

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phone (304) 949-4838

fax (304) 442-4541

Jackie Hersch, Prinicpal