Virtual Lab

Virtual Lab 2020-2021

The Virtual lab is an excellent resource for our parents and students.  It is a place to obtain technical assistance, work, and take tests in a quiet environment.  It is also a place where we require students to attend if they are not working at home.  The lab is not a place for tutoring or content-specific help. The lab is in a unique location because it is not in a school.  It is a portable building just for you.  Before COVID-19, students and parents were able to come at any time during the day.  However, now this must change in order to keep our families as safe as possible.  

The lab will be open on Wednesday and Friday.  There will be two sessions each day that you can attend.  The first session is from 8:00 to 11:00, and the second session is from 12:00 to 3:00.  You can still come at any time during this time period, but you must sign up beforehand to reserve your seat (please).  We will be seating students at a computer where he or she will not be sitting next to anyone else.  We will be wearing a mask and we ask that you do too.  Of course, 9-year-olds and younger students do not have to wear one, but we do recommend it.  The lab will be thoroughly cleaned after each session.  


Lab Location:

3300 Pennsylvania Avenue, Portable #4.