School Tutoring

Virtual high school students may visit their home schools to receive tutoring services.

Capital High School

Tutoring is available Monday and Wednesday 4pm-5pm.  Teachers and rooms vary. Please call the front desk clerk and ask about teacher/room locations for any given week.  (304) 348-6500


George Washington High School

Tutoring is available Monday – Thursday from 3:45 PM  to 5:30 PM.  Math help is also available during 1st period in 
Mr. Flatley’s room 302 or 
9th period in Mrs. Worlledge’s room 318.


Herbert Hoover High School

Tutoring is available Monday - Thursday from 3-4pm in the Graduation Coach's room 5D. 



Tutoring is available Monday- Thursday 4-5:30 in the Creation Lab.

Saint Albans

Peer tutors are offered depending on availability.  Please contact Mr. Heumann at (304) 722-0212 to request a peer tutor.



Tutoring is available on the following days:

Monday - Thursday 4-5pm 

Monday/ Math, Tuesday / Science,  and Wednesday/Thursday English



Tutoring is available Monday-Thursday from 4:20PM to 5:20PM. Please call 348-1996 to check to see if the teacher was absent or needs to cancel.

Math and Science -Mr. Bonnett B37 or Ms. Chittenden A10

English and Social Studies - Ms. Morgan A14