Student Spotlight

Meet Mara

Mara is a student at Herbert Hoover High School who is starting her second year in the Kanawha County School's Virtual Program. While attending school, she was experiencing a great deal of anxiety. After learning about this program, she knew she needed to give it a try. When asked about her experience in the program she claims, "it was the best decision I have ever made!"

Mara attributes her success to having self discipline and determination to succeed. Upon completion of her senior year, Mara plans to attend BridgeValley Community and Technical College for paralegal studies to begin her journey towards a law degree.


Meet Tanner

Tanner is a Sissonville Middle School student who joined the KCS Virtual Program at the start of his 8th grade year. Tanner joined the program to fulfill his desire to work at his own pace and be away from distraction. Since stepping away from the traditional classroom setting, Tanner has excelled. Regarding his success, Tanner says, "I feel I can concentrate better on my work."

Meet Hannah

Hannah joined Kanawha County’s Virtual Program at the beginning of her freshman year of high school after being homeschooled the year prior. Since then, Hannah has flourished, finding great success. Hannah’s mom Miranda says, “Hannah loves the program. It was exactly what she needed!” Since joining the program, she has overcome her anxiety towards school and attributes that to the help and encouragement from the KCS Virtual Program staff and her teachers.

Outside of school, Hannah is involved in serving meals at Manna Meal and handing out loaves of bread and gallons of milk to her community through her church. Hannah also enjoys reading to children at her local library, making birthday boxes for children in the foster care system, and serving Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners to the less fortunate.  Hannah plans to join the Culinary Arts program at Carver Career Center her junior and senior year in conjunction with the Kanawha County Schools Virtual Program.




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Meet Aiden

Aiden decided to try Kanawha County School's Virtual Program after struggling in the classroom during his freshman year of high school.  "I have ADHD and I get distracted easily. The more distracted I got, the farther behind I got in my classes.  It wasn't always easy for me to ask for help again and again.  I started giving up."

After joining the program, Aiden began to find great success. He is able to work at his own pace, without distraction. "The virtual program works for me because everything I need for my classes is right here."

Meet John

John joined the KCS Virtual Program during the Elementary School Pilot Program as a fifth grader.  John and his family felt that virtual schooloing may be a better fit for him since he would get to work at his own pace. He, along with his older brother, joined the program and have found great success!

John attributes part of his virtual success to the help of his parents and his wonderful virtual school teacher, Mrs. Cook. John meets with his teacher virtually each week to discuss his progress and receive any help he needs while mastering the content. Outside of school, John plays soccer and hockey.

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